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Considering the costs of printing a full color print publication or hiring a webmaster to build and host a web site, the cost of our e-publications will pay for itself in no time.  Printing catalogs must involve a great deal of paper (expensive), color ink (expensive), and mail distribution (very expensive).  Web sites are fantastic marketing tools, however there are ongoing expenses.  How much do you have to pay someone to build it, update it, maintain connectivity?  How much do you have to pay in monthly hosting fees? 
We can turn your catalog, brochure, booklet, etc. into a dynamic, virtually 3Dimensional, page turning and head turning presentation!  These electronic publications can enhance your web site, promote it, or stand alone and market your company's product or service at an incredibly affordable price.   The files generated are small enough to easily travel through email and even load onto a 1.44Mb floppy disk, CD, or they can be hosted on your site as an easy download.  Your customers will be able to view your epublication from then on without having to be online.
Every project is different and costs will vary according to estimated time of completion, total pages, number of images being used, whether or not any (and how much) typing will be necessary, etc..
Our basic rates are as follows:
3-5      pages = $25 per page
6-12    pages = $20 per page
13-25  pages = $15 per page
26-50  pages = $12 per page
51-(?)  pages = $ 9 per page
  • We require a 3 page minimum commitment. 
  • For the purposes of clarity, a "page" is defined as one full screen of information including the left and the right side.  Front and back covers are charged as individual pages.
  • Basic rates include up to two images per side (4/page).  $3 extra for each additional image.
  • $10 per image edit other than simple resizing or cropping.
  • $25 for custom icon.
  • $10 to include 2 active hyperlinks to your web site. $15 to include web hyperlink to all interior pages.
  • $7 to include 2 active links to your email address. $15 to include email address to all interior pages.
  • $25 setup fee for Feedback Form and $4 per question.

Please don't hesitate to call or email us with your project details so that we may provide you with a quote that is most suitable to your budget.  Be sure to download a free sample publication from our download page.


Toll Free (888) 282-6887


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